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The Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery is nestled in the heart of Sedona, Arizona which is known as the spiritual capital of the world. This private school sits in a valley that is surrounded by magnificent red rock mountains which contain powerful vortexes that radiate a strong vibration. This energy invites people from all over the world to explore, cultivate and expand their multi-sensory abilities to perceive the energy anatomy on multi-dimensional levels to transform their lives.

The creator of this school, Wanda Zum-Mallen, offers personal training programs that teach you to become a medical intuitive and see with your soul’s eyes, hear with your soul’s ears and feel with your soul’s hands. This is done by practicing numerous simple techniques, exercises and meditations that give you the ability to perceive the human anatomy and its auric field by opening your third eye, auditory channels and your powerful kinesthetic senses. These practices along with your personal manual help you to trust yourself to become a proficient reader.

Your body is the microcosm of the macrocosm and it is through your body that you tap into all the expansive senses of your soul and delve into its magnificent perceptions. Opening your soul’s ability to see, hear and feel is easy with the specialized techniques Wanda teaches you.

These trainings are designed to take the beginner, as well as the advanced adept, into the deeper realms of the multi-dimensional, multi-universal world of intuition with the understanding that there is no limit to the information you will discover.

Wanda shows you how to open up to the source of your intuition that come through you from your Soul and Creation, the information and possibilities for using your Soul’s wisdom in this third dimension are endless.

Most importantly of all, the training you receive from Wanda captures and expresses the beautiful and mysterious power your soul has in the mere act of using your expanded intuition to communicate with your physical body. Your Soul knows everything and accessing its extraordinary wisdom in your body advances your ability to communicate with a heightened sixth sense.

Wanda’s goal is to create a safe educational environment like no other to give you an experience that will remain with you long after you receive your training.

Wanda also offers private sessions in her home office where she does medical intuitive readings, transformation session, psychic readings, emotional core wound healings, past life and future life regressions, Soul union and “Journey to Creation” sessions.

People from all over the world have made pilgrimages to her home office to develop their intuitive skills and understand the purpose of their lives. Many have established a strong bond with their Soul, reconnected to Creation and returned home to fulfill their Destiny.

Click here for the list of training schedule and the sessions.

(Students are referred to a qualified medical school if they wish to diagnose, treat and prescribe medications and treatments for illness.)


The school of Medical Intuitive Mastery envisions humanity activating and remembering their super creative potential to see the unseen, to hear the quiet voice of wisdom deep within their hearts thereby becoming telepathic and to trust their feelings to open their perceptions of the energy deep within the internal anatomy. Ultimately this will awaken humanity’s multi-dimensional, multi-universal intuitive selves so we are able to manifest miracles in our third dimensional lives with a deep unconditional love, a divine light, a magnificent wisdom and a benevolent power.

We become the infinite force of Creation.

"Opening Doors of High Sense Perception"
Meet me in the Magical Red Rocks of Sedona for a Medical Intuitive Seminar!
October 9-12, 2020
10 am-12 & 3 to 5 pm
Location: Private home in Sedona Arizona

Connect with others in a safe environment to learn simple Medical Intuitive techniques to open your Soul's gifts to perceive your auras, chakras and anatomy with our Soul's Perception.
In 4 days, learn to see your anatomy, hear your inner voice, feel to the depths of your cells, taste the unknown, smell beyond the limits of reality and change your life from mundane to magical evolving into a Universal Light Being!
Join us to accelerate your Divine High Sense Perception.

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PO Box 413 Sedona Arizona 86339

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