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Fatigue may simply be from starving glands or a diet that is lacking in nutrients. I have spent almost three decades researching the holy grail of energy and youth to discover the wisdom of the old farmers still holds true today…work hard out in the sunshine and feed the pituitary with healthy food.

In the farmer’s almanac, they write that the pituitary produces the youth hormone called HGH or Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is dumped into the blood stream to spread throughout the body feeding the other glands thus helping them produce their hormones which in turn creates energy and vitality.
The pituitary gland is the size of a pea and located at the base of the brain.  It is made up of two sections, an anterior lobe and posterior lobe. The anterior lobe produces and releases hormones into the blood stream to produce the Human Growth Hormone which maintain healthy bones, muscle mass and regulates the distribution of fat.
The pituitary gland may send a signal to the adrenal glands to stimulate or inhibit its own hormone production. For instance, if we are tired midafternoon or can’t sleep at night, it may be simply a miscommunication between the pituitary and the adrenals.
Energy levels are linked to the Thyroid and when the Thyroid does not receive enough of the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone from the pituitary, fatigue may be experienced at anytime throughout the day.
The pituitary also communicates with the testes and ovaries to ensure their normal function. Also, breast milk is stimulated by the hormone prolactin from the pituitary.
To keep the pituitary healthy, it is wise to get out in the sunshine and play to support the production of happy hormones and increase production of vitamin D which is absorbed through the skin. Orange vegetables such as pumpkin, carrots and sweet potatoes increase vitamin A which the pituitary loves. Most important of all, iodine from seaweeds increases the function of the thyroid athus in turn feeds the pituitary.

But for those that are approaching retirement and need to feel young again, I suggest looking back at the old farmers who ate brains, organ meats and bone soup. The reason they did this was to build their brains and endocrine/immune system and bones. Today, it is difficult to find brains so the secret to building the brains is to purchase organic, non-gmo, free range glandulars such as Natural Sources "Pituitary":
Since taking the pituitary glandular may feed this gland and increase the Human Growth Hormone to make you feel young again, it is wise to consult your doctor to make sure it is safe for your body. 

Feeling good and being healthy is your birthright so when I can support you in doing so, just send me an email or give me a call to talk about your pituitary’s relationship with your body.

In support of your health, happiness and prosperity,
Wanda Zum-Mallen

PO Box 413 Sedona AZ 86339

$$$Big Corporations Buy Out Health Companies $$$

Holy Moses….hold the press….big corporations have bought out many health food companies and are continuing to do so. This came to my attention when Gaia discontinued products that I had used for years. When I wrote them inquiring what had happened, I received a long letter with many evasive words filled with tact and diplomacy but obviously not the truth.

This devious behavior is not limited to vitamins or herbs; it is rampant in the entire health industry. For instance, “Seeds of Change” is now owned by Mars Incorporated who makes the Mars Candy Bar; “New Chapter” is owned by Proctor and Gamble; “Burt’s Bees” is owned by Clorox; “Odwalla Juice”, “Honest Tea”, Vitaminwater”, “Fruitwater”, and “Smart Water” are owned by Coca Cola; “Naked Juice” by Pepsi Cola; “Celestial Seasonings” & “Boco Foods” are owned by Kraft Foods which is owned by Phillip Morris (tobacco); “Celestial Seasonings Herbal Teas” is owned by Lipton; “Cascadian Farms” is owned by General Mills; “Kashi” is owned by Kellogg; and “Toms of Maine” is owned by Colgate-Palmolive. Atrium bought “Garden of Life” but the real mind blower is Amazon just bought out Whole Foods!

But the plot thickens and it gets worse. These monsters have gobbled up these smaller companies and now they are violating truth and integrity with labeling. A few years ago, I began to look at the back of the labels on products such as Garden of Life and New Chapter to discover their ingredient lists were illusive. They figured out how to put “organic” and “non-gmo” on the front of their labels while on the back of these bottles only a few ingredients, usually located on the bottom of the list fit the ‘organic & non-gmo’ classification. While the rest of the ingredients usually on the top of the lists are garbage.

I have worked in the health industry since the 1980s and watched many changes of ownership take place for three decades. I have seen the three lettered agencies try and shut down the supplement companies but that failed. Then big pharmaceutical companies started to buy out the larger supplement companies changing the integrity and purity of the ingredients.

It is refreshing to discover companies that do not let the insurance conglomerates, attorneys, big pharm and the bottom line control them as they endeavor to provide the purest supplements possible.

Here are a few of these supplement companies that still have “certified organic and non-gmo” in all there ingredients:

Pure Synergy “Wholefood VitaMin Multi”

NutriGold “Organic Whole-Food Vitamin C Gold

Nordic Naturals “Ultimate Omega Support for a Healthy Heart”

I am sure there are many more and these are just a few names with their links to get you started in providing your body with the cleanest supplements available.

In total support of your health and well-being,


When You Have Lyme’s Disease…..Make Lyme Aid!!!

The CDC just came out with a report that states long term treatment of Lyme’s  using antibiotics do not lead to improvement but they may be harmful resulting in septic shock, osteomyelitis, clostridium colitis and para-spinal abscess.

Lyme disease is caused by infection from the Spirochete Borrelia Burgdorferi Sensu Lat which can create a variety of conditions such as fatigue, nerve pain, skin lesions, fever, and headache. If left untreated, the spirochete may move throughout the body causing meningitis, carditis, neuropathy or arthritis.

But, Spirochete are the same as teenagers, they love junk food and will stick around if they are fed. If they are forced to eat healthy food, they will leave and go over to their friend’s house.

According to Dr. Hulda Clark’s book, “The Cure For All Diseases” the way to get them to leave is to feed them what they don’t like to eat and zap the heck out of them:

But the rabbit hole goes much deeper than that. Ticks have been around forever and biting humans and animals. Why are so many people becoming deathly ill over a simple tick bite?

The answer comes from those that understand good bacteria verses bad bacteria. For instance, Jordan Rubin created the Garden of Life Company which brought soil micro-organisms into mainstream alternative medicine to help build healthy bacteria in the intestines with “Primal Defense Ultra”:

But he sold his "Garden of Life" company to start a permaculture farm in Koshkonong Missouri. His goal is to start a revolution of regeneration to educate people about creating a world of healthy bacteria. Her is the link to his information:

It appears the unhealthy bacteria are becoming rampant in our world and destroying our health as well as our resistance to infections. This is a topic I love and if there is anything I can do to help anyone with rebuilding the good bacteria in their bodies, I will do it.

In support of your health, happiness and prosperity,

Wanda Zum-Mallen
PO Box 413 Sedona AZ 86339

Here is a link to the CDC report:

Powerful Healing for Pennies a Day!

There is a vegetable that is available all over the world that has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties but it is also known to be an antioxidant, immune booster and contains cancer-fighting properties. Its healing abilities do not stop there. They also include conditions related to the heart and blood system such as high blood pressure, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, inherited high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, heart attacks, reduced blood flow due to narrow arteries and hardening of the arteries.

Some people use it to prevent colon cancer, rectal cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, multiple myeloma and lung cancer. It is also used to treat prostate cancer and bladder cancer.

It has been experimented with treating enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, osteoarthritis, hay fever; prevent tick bites, mosquito repellant, traveler’s diarrhea, and preventing or treating bacterial/fungal infections.

Some have found relief using it for earaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, hepatitis, stomach ulcers, thrush which is from candida, Pylori, lead toxicity, ringworm and scleroderma.

It is very well known as a treatment for fever, coughs, headache, sinus congestion, gout, joint pain, hemorrhoids, asthma, bronchitis, diarrhea, bloody urine and serious nose and throat infections.

Some adventurous souls apply it to their skin or nails to treat fungal infections, warts, corns, herpes out breaks and hair loss.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, let me give you a great clue. It is famous for keeping vampires away.


Yes, it is garlic and one fresh clove with each meal will make the apple a day theory stand up and take notice. In fact, since apples feed candida, garlic will make apples defunct.

On your next visit to the farmers market or grocery store, stock up on this marvelous healer and don’t forget the parsley, as it helps take the odor away.

You may also get organic garlic capsules such as Oregon’s “Wild Harvest Organic Garlic”

In support of your great health, happiness and prosperity!

Soulfully yours,

Wanda Zum-Mallen

Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery


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PS: You may call or email me to inquire about booking a session in person or phone/skype and co-creating your personal medical intuitive training program.

Healthy, Happy Babies In A Toxic World

Nothing tears my heart out more than hearing women say they not able to conceive because their ovaries cannot produce healthy eggs. Their hearts ache to be a mother and hold a precious, new born miracle in their arms.

For example, Sheri called me a year ago to schedule a Medical Intuitive Session after she had spent five years exhausting all of the convention options to conceive a baby. Her body was experiencing extreme fatigue with severe hormonal ups and downs but her biggest fear was that she was running out of time since she was going to be thirty five in less than one year.

At this point in the conversation, I became curious and requested to look into her “Time Beam” to perceive her future fertility. I went into her ovaries and followed them to the ripe old age of fifty two when I saw them produce their last eggs. After receiving this information, she gasped and asked, “How can I make this pregnancy happen? I responded that we would need to set up a time to look at her energy field, diet, organs, glands and emotional body to synergistically create a strong support system for her body to conceive. So, she scheduled a phone session to go into the deeper issues and find solutions that would help her fulfill her dream of having a child.

On the day of her appointment, I asked for her birth information to understand how the planets were influencing her health and ability to conceive. When I completed her charts, I noticed her biggest challenge was to relax her nerves with minerals as she had Gemini in her house of health. Then I saw that her Mercury, the planet of communication also dwelt in the sixth house so I suggested that she to learn to become the observer of the constant mind chatter to understand how it affected her health.

Next, I asked permission to scan her body to view all the chakras which are responsible for the energy that feed into the body. My hands sensed that her second chakra in the abdominal area was not functioning and the third chakra in her mid-back area was very small. I suggested that she keep a private journal to write all of her feelings to open the second chakra. When I scanned the third chakra in the mid-back area, I got a strong feeling of “there is not enough for me” belief system suppressing the ability to nurture her body. She then told me that it was impossible for her to do anything for herself and realized she needed to change that mind set. So I gave her a homework assignment to list ten ways to nourish and love her body and do them.

After completing the chakra scan, I focused on her glands and organ health. I saw the liver was congested and asked her if she had cold hands and feet. She answered, “They were like popsicles even in the summer.” I explained that the liver was responsible for feeding the uterus and the ovaries so when it is clogged the ovaries starve. I suggested that drinking lemon water in the morning was a gentle way of cleaning the liver. But, the stagnation of her liver was a big clue to the health of her female organs and I discussed with her at length the foods that were medicinal for her blood type. She then confessed that her favorite snack was pizza which contained all of the ingredients that were responsible for reducing the blood flow through her liver to her ovaries.

In addition to sending her a list of foods that were medicinal for her body, I suggested that she look for only Organic and non-GMO foods as well as supplements. I gave her a link to a wonderful Organic/Non-GMO Prenatal from Synergy:

In addition to that, I mentioned she might benefit from taking minerals to build her bones so in the eighth month the child would have enough minerals to build the brain. I gave her information on the Pure Synergy “Bone Renewal”:

I also told her about the article in Mother Earth News about rats fed GMOs which resulted in tumor growths but after two years they could no longer reproduce offspring:

Lastly we discussed the nutrients that specifically feed the follicles, ovaries and uterus to support the follicle production which are Organic Folates:

It was during this part of her session that the Soul of the child showed itself to me. I described this child to her future mother and she cried. It appeared to be a girl about the age of two with brown hair and blue eyes. She picked her mother because she had been her daughter in a previous life and needed to be with her again but this time she was bound and determined to be born and bring all the love from the heavens into her mother’s life.

Then, I instructed the mother to imagine a beam of light from her heart to her child’s heart. Once they connected, then I instructed her to imagine a beam of light to the egg of the child’s choosing and anchor it in.

I am happy to report that less than a year later; Sheri gave birth to a healthy baby girl and her life is now filled with love.

Rev. Wanda Zum-Mallen
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery
PO Box 413 Sedona, Arizona 86339
PS: You may call or email me to inquire about booking a session in person or phone/skype and co-creating your personal medical intuitive training program. 

Fulvic Acid Phenomenon

Over the years, I have heard many stories about fulvic acid and watched it with a cautious eye. But, when my client’s son got cancer while eating only organic, non-gmo, wild proteins, vegetables, grains and drinking only water filtered with a Berkley Water Filter, my intuition told me that this world has become too toxic and it was time to find something that will override this global garbage overload.

First, I was impressed that they knew about the Berkeley Water Filter as they are easy to clean and about the finest water filter around. Take a look here:

So, I set out on an optimistic research project that revealed to me the infinite wisdom of our Mother Earth and how she knows how to heal everything. She has hidden deep in the planet a nutrient so powerful it will take energy out of a free radical and cause it to disappear….poof….gone!!!
When my client’s son was given a few drops of the fulvic acid each day at every meal along with the normal cancer treatments with his doctors, his healing and recovery were unlike anything these professionals had ever seen. And this young man has been cancer free for years.
It appeared that his cells were able to clean themselves as well as absorb and utilize all the nutrients he was taking with the support of the fulvic acid. So I dug deeper into the world of these very rich and rare mineral deposits plus I started taking the fulvic acid to see what it would do to my body. I started with the Trace Mineral Research “Ionic Fulvic Acid”:

The first time I put four drops into my water and drank it, my stomach became very warm. At the same time, I read that it increased digestion in the stomach and absorption in the intestines by electrically charging the cells to extend their lives.
My gut told me that this may help with rebuilding the entire digestive system, so I suggest a friend and client give it a try after suffering with severe ulcerative colitis for twenty years. He had been losing weight with bloody stools despite high doses of steroids and intensive medical therapy. He shrugged his shoulders and sighed saying, “What can it hurt, I am nearly dead now.” Not wanting to take a liquid, he used the Jarrow Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex” being that it is better for men:

He began with one tablet with each meal and within the week the bloody bowel movements stopped and he started to gain weight. After six months he went back to his doctor with no symptoms of ulcerative colitis and he is still being monitored by his doctor to this day.
In my mind, this miracle opened new doors of healing the body from this geologically concentrated source which is millions of years old. So, I put it to the ultimate test and introduced this to the sickest client I knew. She had candida in her blood, mold in her lungs, bacteria dissolving her glands and staff/strep infections destroying her immune system. In addition, she was allergic to everything and suffered from EMF frequencies vibrating in her body day and night.
She looked at all her choices of fulvic acid and waited until her “Emotional Wave” gave her a yes to take the Vital Earth Minerals “Fulvic Mineral Complex”

She carefully put one drop in a glass of filtered water and drank it all with a breakfast of steamed vegetables preparing for the worst. Within minutes her head went numb but it felt good, so she continued to take one drop in the morning for one week. The next week, she increased it to two drops and experienced a slight ache behind her eyes, but the ache disappeared within minutes. At the end of that week, her lungs cleared and she could breathe again. The third week, she increased the dose to 3 drops without any negative results while her chronic fatigue slowly disappeared and her energy returned. One month later, she increased the fulvic acid to five drops per glass of filtered water and most of her symptoms had subsided including the constant nerve jangling vibration from the EMFs. The second month, I joined her to see her live cell analysis at the naturopathic doctor’s office. The sweet doctor took one look at her blood and asked her what happened to the candida and bacteria because it had disappeared? Stunned, she laughed and then cried with joy as no words could express or describe her gratitude at becoming healthy again.
After observing the actions of fulvic acid with many clients, it occurred to me that it does not heal or cure anything; it just restores the foundation of life to build health and wellness in the cells. This inspired me to increase my dosage of the Trace Mineral Research “Ionic Fulvic Acid” to ten drops per a glass; I noticed my chakras and auric fields becoming stronger, brighter and bigger after a couple of months.  

I offer my support in health and healing for you and your family,

Rev. Wanda Zum-Mallen
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery

PO Box 413 Sedona, Arizona 86339
PS: You may call or email me to inquire about booking a session in person or phone/skype and co-creating your personal medical intuitive training program.

The thunder and lightning storms rumbling through the red rock canyons of Sedona are magnificent in the summer.  Watching these spectacular light shows and cloud bursts reminds me of sudden flashes of inspiration that come from the heavens into our psyches. The clouds bump into each other creating thunderous explosions designed to wake up our slumbering minds. Buckets of refreshing rain pour down feeding the dry ground bringing waves of symbolic unconscious liquid light, analogous to the wisdom of the cosmos pouring into our hungry beings.
Mother Nature has many ways of grabbing our attention and asking us to be open to these unexpected epiphanies that create light bulb moments in our lives One such moment happened to Nathan in July 2016.  He came to me with a chronic lower back pain that radiated down his legs into his feet. Drugs, chiropractic, deep tissue, nutrition and acupuncture therapies had little or no affect on the searing pain he endured daily with no relief.
His dreams were filled with torture, agony and heartache as if his subconscious was trying to tell him something. They were worse during the full moon every month and he would wake up in a cold sweat crying from the unknown message.
Before his session even started, he looked around the room for a comfortable place to sit on the floor with his back propped up against the wall. So, I joined him and sat next to him with my back against the wall which felt good. Once we settled in, he began to talk about the years of pain in his physical body but I invited him to just sit inside the pain and torment for a few minutes.
I guess I should have warned him about the energy in the ground from the red rocks because his body began to convulse and energy began to course through his physique. He broke out into a cold sweat and I could see goose bumps emerge in his skin while his mind tried to figure out what was happening. But I encouraged him to download everything he was going through into his mental program while allowing the intense shaking that wracked his body to continue unrestricted.
Then the unknown became instantly known and he broke down and cried like a precious child. The doors opened, memory after memory stored in numerous secret compartments of his body arose into his conscious memory while muttering single words to describe a dark history filled with pain. After an hour, his body relaxed and slumped to the ground.
He had released his core wound but I had seen the weakened condition of his kidneys, bones and nerves when I asked permission to scan his internal anatomy at the beginning so I made a few suggestions about diet to bring his body back to health, herbs to clean his filtering system and nutrients rebuild his structural support system.
The kidneys appeared to be clogged with brown pizza particles so I encouraged him to eat a low cholesterol diet but gently clean the kidneys in the morning for a short time with a small dose of Gaia “Uva Ursi Supreme”:
Next, I asked him to look into building his bones and nerves with food based organic and non-gmo minerals at bedtime from Pure Synergy “Bone Renewal”:
All of the above was done with his doctor’s supervision. Nathan dropped by for a visit a couple of months ago on his yearly trip to Sedona and said with a smile that the pain had slowly subsided from all the healing modalities he incorporated into his daily regime. Then with a mischievous grin, he mentioned that his favorite food as a child was pepperoni pizza.
I laughed and we bid each other farewell.

Please feel free to contact me when you are ready to feel the lightening!
In support of your perfect health, happiness, prosperity and well-being,
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery
PO Box 413
Sedona AZ 86339

Doorway to the Soul

It has been over twenty five years since I met my first client suffering from what is now known as Fibromyalgia. From then till today, the origin of this ailment appears to be from deep seated memories inside the cells that long to be uncovered and understood.
Little has been reported about this illness that has been known to cause deep tissue and nerve pain, difficulty sleeping, and trouble thinking clearly but brain scans in 2013 showed that the victims had gray matter loss and increased pain response. Then information surfaced from neuroscientists, Dr. Frank Rice, Dr. Phillip Albrecht and Dr. Quanzhi Hou, whom found concrete evidence this illness, may be linked to insufficient impulses from the sensory nerve endings caused by mismanaged blood flow from improper shunting between the arterioles and venules. This means the blood flows from the arteries straight into the veins starving the capillaries and creating muscular pain, aches and fatigue due to lactic acid and inflammation which also may cause hyperactivity in the brain.

While some supplements such as “Fibromyalgia Support Supplement” ( which which is manufactured in a FDA approved facility may help provide relief from the pain and suffering, it may be helpful to look into the core of the cause.

There may to be an even deeper energetic source of this malfunctioning blood flow within the body and it could be from traumatic events that took place in the person’s life. For instance, in 1992, I remember vividly helping a young woman gently slide onto my healing table in my office. Her face was scrunched up in pain and she moaned non-stop while sinking into the extra soft padding that I purposely placed under the lavender colored fitted sheets. With my gentle guidance, she embarked upon a journey into her pain to discover an unconscious memory around the innocent age of two. I won’t go into details, but it was horrifying and with each breath, her body unlocked years of torment until she was able to relax and scoop out the source of the trauma. Then she replaced it with a soft loving, healing golden light from her Soul which prevented the old energy from returning. Two hours after completing this inner psychic surgery, she sat up with no pain in her body and a big smile on her face.
As the years went by, I was amazed how many people came to me with mysterious body pain only to discover the source was from extreme shock, abuse or trauma that buried itself within their body’s memory. But what I saw in their energy fields baffled me. Most of them would shut down their chakra system and auric field to create an armor which sealed their bodies with a shield so strong it prevented the energy from flowing into their body from the Universal Energy Field. This protection also became an unconscious coping mechanism specifically designed to keep the individuals safe from the stress in their lives.
But the hurts and the armor turned out to be a catalyst as each individual merged into their pain to discover its unmet needs. With time and patience, their wounds and shields were replaced with love which became a doorway to their Soul. Once they reconnected with their Soul, the illness was understood as a physical experience to reconnect them to their Destiny. Their life force slowly returned to open their chakras and fill their auric field which released unrestricted blood flow to their entire body.
I offer my support to everyone in taking a moment with their pain to understand its link to the infinite source of wisdom within their body that comes from the Cosmos.
Rev. Wanda Zum-Mallen
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery
PO Box 413 Sedona, Arizona 86339

PS: You may call or email me to inquire about booking a session in person or phone/skype and co-creating your personal medical intuitive training program. 

Hair loss is not linked to a low thyroid or hormonal imbalance anymore!

In fact, research is showing that it may be related to a bacterium and fungus in the blood which internally weakening the hair roots. It is also being documented that repeated uses of chemicals in hair treatments destroy hair follicles.

I discovered this while scanning a client’s gall bladder which appeared to be swollen and clogged with black moldy balls surrounded by green slime. These black moldy balls reminded me of tiny white onions that had sat in the refrigerator to long and turned black with a fungus called aspergillus niger.  (Sorry to gross you out but this is truly what I saw.) My client’s doctor had suggested it was male pattern balding related to age but it only occurred on the right side of his head and the symptoms began after returning home from a delightful vacation in Cancun.

First, he noticed hair falling out on the right side while grooming his hair in the morning. This went on for a couple of months until he shaved his head to avoid comments from fellow workers about rats stealing his hair at night. Then the right side of his neck, shoulder and upper arm began to ache with a numbing pain which was not remedied by strong medications or chiropractic work. Next, the right lobe of the lungs slowly filled with liquid creating a cough and six months later he had asthma.

Energetically the right side of the body is associated to the outer world so I requested that we explore what was happening in his life that would weaken his body on the right side. I instructed him to place his hands on the areas where he felt the most physical trauma and close his eyes. In this discovery process, he realized the loss of his previous job and numerous toys such as a boat, quad and jeep were linked to him feeling emasculated. Then he was able to heal the memory by replacing an unhappy career and expensive toys with the simple love of nature. It was the tall trees, springs, wild animals and lying on the ground that made him feel alive. From then on he made the decision to get out into the wilderness to de-stress and take a break from the responsibilities of life.

After healing the core wound, he tackled the bacteria externally and internally with diet, herbs and other natural therapies.

First, I suggested with his doctor’s supervision that he eliminate sugar, dairy and gluten grains to begin an anti-candida diet. He bought Dr. Crook’s book, “The Yeast Connection” ( and started to change the foods he ate.

Then I recommended that he massage his scalp daily with Jojoba oil ( before each shower to clean and stimulate the hair follicles which would allow new growth.

The shampoo he was using was full of chemicals so he switched to a shampoo specific for hair loss. ( that which contained a blend of Argan oil, Aloe, White Willow, Burdock, Rosemary and Thyme designed specifically to stimulate hair follicles and revitalize hair growth while preventing damage and hair breakage.

In order to create an internal environment that stopped the spread of the bacteria, he needed to saturate his food with the bitter substance found in grape fruit seed extract ( ) so that the unhealthy bacteria, fungus, etc…would eventually leave his body.

After a few months of implementing these simple changes, he noticed that his lungs began to clear and he felt 100% better so he called me again to set up another appointment to follow through on a few more steps to regrow his hair and return his body back to perfect health.

Now he began the serious work of rebuilding his intestines with a pre-biotic, pro-biotic, soil micro-organism and fulvic/humic acids ( to encourage all the healthy bacteria to replace the bad bacteria inside gall bladder as well as his whole body.

In order to get the hair to shine, he need oils ( to prevent the hair from breaking and return the elasticity to the cells so he began to take a combination of Borage, Flax, Fish and Vitamin E oils at the beginning of all his protein meals.

Lastly, he needed to feed the hair follicles through an anti-candida diet yet he needed a food based hair vitamin ( that was loaded with nutrients such as biotin and horsetail that give the hair strength but it had to be easy to digest because he had a sensitive stomach. 

A year later, he sent me an email saying his hair had grown in evenly over his entire head thick and strong but most important it is very shiny and back to its original brown color which made him look ten years younger.

I was so happy to hear this and thanked him for letting me know!

As you know, it is a challenge to stay healthy today so when I can be of help to you, give me a call or send me an email. Feel free to pass this information on to all your friends that you think it may help.

In support of your health and happiness,

Reverend Wanda

Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery
PO Box 413 Sedona, Arizona 86339

PS: You may call or email me to inquire about booking a session in person or phone/skype and co-creating your personal medical intuitive training program. 

Yesterday, I was standing in line at the local health food store and a sweet, white haired lady about 70 told me to try this new cactus water. I looked at it with curiosity and took a sip. On my palette, it tasted like watered down grape juice with a pleasant mineral after taste.
Her eyes lit up and she informed me that she had been drinking one cup a day and all of her arthritic inflammation had disappeared. Being the curious researcher that I am, I picked up a bottle and took it home to investigate its ingredients and medicinal properties.
Come to find out, the Nopal Cactus has antiviral properties and is used for herpes, flue, HIV, over weight issues, IBS, Crohn’s disease, cholesterol and skin problems. It provides a full range of amino acids, high in dietary fiber, pectin and mucilage. It has been used cure hang overs, reduce inflammation in the body and repair bones. It may act as a mild laxative so it may be wise to ingest small amounts to see how your body responds to its healing properties.
The nutrition and vitamin content of the Nopal Cactus leaves include riboflavin, B-6, Copper, Iron, V-A, V-C, V-K, calcium, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Its high fiber content adds bulk to bowel movements and stimulates peristalsis movement which reduces cholesterol but it is also known to reduce the hunger hormone. Some reports indicate it reduces Diabetes, even type 2 as it helps the pancreas to create insulin but they also issue a warning not to ingest before surgery.
The skin can benefit from a Cactus Face Mask by blending lemon with pureed Nopal leaves to remove black heads, fade scars and eliminate brown spots.  The seeds from the Prickly PearCactus fruit are used to make a serum which is a new tool to reverse the signs of aging, brighten dark circles under the eyes and restore elasticity to the skin.
Cactus is no stranger to me and the pictures you see above and below are the thornless cactusgrown on our family farm which I juice but I notice that it is very thick and slimy compared to the commercial version.  I also chop it up in salads, add it to casseroles or mix with vegetable sauteés.
Mother Nature provides so many wild plants that provide everything we need to heal our bodies and keep them strong. You can get the Cactus water shipped to your home from a company called True Nopal:
So, I strongly advise everyone to throw out the coconut water and switch to something much healthier and loaded with a great source of potassium to hydrate the body.

Your friends might enjoy receiving a gift certificate to support their health and healing so you may send them a special gift certificate for a 1 hour Medical Intuitive Session through this link:
I hope that all of this information will be useful in keeping you, your family and friends healthy.
Be well and prosper!
Reverend Wanda

Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery
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The 3rd chakra feeds your liver and when the liver is healthy, the blood is able to circulate throughout the whole body supplying necessary nutrients to all the cells. In the years that I have practiced as a Medical Intuitive, I have seen many chronic illnesses that don’t heal or return after a period of time from a congested liver.  In many cases this may be from unhealthy diets, stress hormones, emotions, thoughts or environmental toxins.  The biggest culprit seems to be the fatty deposits in the liver which appear to contain parasites, bacteria, amoebas, chemicals and other fungus that clog the liver and stop it from performing its 600 functions or filtering over 10,000 toxins, such as pesticides, fungicides, drugs, hormones, etc…

Some of the signs of a clogged liver are cold hands and feet, poor circulation, tension in the neck & shoulders, skin diseases, reproductive problems and constipation. Simply put, your liver is like the filter in your dryer, when the filter is full, the dryer doesn’t dry the clothes or it may stop working.

Now let me ask you, if your liver has been filling up with toxins or  stress hormones for your entire life and you have never cleaned it, where do all those toxins go?
The answers are two fold; first those toxins fill up the liver/gall bladder and overflow into your lymph system. Your lymph system is your body’s last line of defense and it’s only a matter of time before you lymph glands swell up, your whole body feels sluggish or it may even smell toxic. Second, your kidneys filter out the acids that have been separated from the blood by the liver and if your toxins, stress levels or hormones are high, they may overload the kidneys. But, what is really scary is the overflow of toxins may recirculate through the hepatic (liver) vein into the heart creating stress or hypertension which is known as high blood pressure.

The energetic health of your liver is reliant on the 'Manipura', solar plexus, 3rd chakra in the front of your body. If it is open and taking in energy from feelings of high self esteem, confidence and expressing your truth, the liver receives chi or prana to nourish it. But if this chakra is closed or drooping from guilt, allergies, fatigue, low self esteem,frustration, worthlessness or the inability to speak up for yourself; the health of the liver is compromised. 

Another interesting phenomenon I see are cords from this third chakra that either nourish or deplete the liver. These cords may happen from a casual conversation with a complete stranger at the grocery store or deep conversations with long time friends.. There are healthy cords and unhealthy cords. The way to tell the difference is when you are talking with someone, you will either feel uplifted or drained. If the later is the case, turn sideways and imagine pulling cords out of your third chakra/solar plexus area just like you unplug a cord from a vacuum cleaner. 

A simple way to clean the third chakra is first thinking healthy and humorous thoughts, next imagine the sunlight pouring into your solar plexus area and breath in a bright, yellow light. To open the third chakra point your finger towards you solar plexus area and imagine spinning a large yellow rose in a circular fashion-down on your right and up on your left. Relax and breathe deeply to invigorate this area.

Now that you know how to get the energy flowing into your third chakra, it may be helpful to physically clean the liver. A gentle way to clean the liver in the morning is to slice an organic lemon in thin pieces and munch on them before breakfast.  Lemon is acidic in the mouth and alkaline to the stomach, so if you have sensitive teeth, squeeze the juice in water and drink it with a biodegradable/re-use able bamboo straw. (
Chicory and dandelion are also beneficial for the liver and make a great coffee substitute when roasted. My favorite morning beverage is ‘Organic Dandelion Dark Roast’ by Teeccino (
In the spring and summer, I drink the ‘Organic Liver Detox Tea with Dandelion’ by Traditional Medicinal throughout the day when I detox my liver. (

According to Chinese Medicine it is important to clean your liver in the spring or summer. Keep in mind, the toxic garbage from the liver flows into the rest of the body, so it is wise to clean the intestines, kidneys and lymph system as well. For years, I have researched the specific herbs, amino acids and vitamins that clean the fat, parasites, funguses and chemicals out of the liver, kidneys, intestines and lymph system. If you would like a copy of my research to clean the liver, request it with your next session.

In support of your health, happiness and well-being,
Reverend Wanda
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