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In most sessions will be looking at your palms, astrology chart, numerology charts and your Soul's time beam to divine your health, future, business, marriage children, etc... I also look at what your Soul's purpose and destiny is in this lifetime. I can look at your past lives and future lives as well. I love looking at your birth date on the map of the world to see where your money and love lines are for your entire life. Some people have me look at family members health and life as well. My specialty is to take you to your Soul to help you remember your life's purpose and destiny.

In order to book your session, I will need your birth date, city and birth time for accuracy.

I charge $160 per an hour and take cash, travelers checks and credit cards.

I look forward to having a session with you soon....

“Journey to Creation” Sessions

After you read my book, “Journey to Creation” it will inspire you to take the journey back to the infinite ocean of Creation. This is done in the form of a guided visualization through the doorway of your heart. Then you are guided out of your body and up into the universe. When you come to the end of this universe and out into the deep, black space, you are guided through the field of universes and beyond to the light of Creation. As you merge into Creation you are given time to reconnect with its magnificent force of power, its infinite wisdom and loving light. Then you are brought back as a portal for this never ending source of Creation to express it into your life and live as the expression of Creation. (2hrs)

Soul Union

In the early morning hours of the summer of 1982, I was taken up past planets, through hundreds of galaxies and out of this Universe. Then I went into the black void, through many dimensions, portals and ultimately into a vast ocean of loving, unconditional light. This was the Source of all Creation and it went on for infinity.

I experienced a knowing that conveyed to me that we as this light, love, wisdom and power created everything and then we chose to experience separation by moving through all we created. We came down through the dimensions of our creations into the deepest, densest earth to remember our Souls connection to the Source of Creation.

Then a knowing which was the “Voice of Creation” poured into my being and it instructed me to bring others to their Soul and into the source of Creation.

When I returned and began taking people to their Soul the adventures they had were amazing. Each one connected to their Soul in their own unique way. There were no rules or one way to uncover what was hidden in plane sight. I saw the light of their Soul in their eyes and heard the sound of their Soul in their voice. Most importantly I felt the warmth of their Soul in their body. I could see it, hear it and feel it and after many years of searching for a technique, I realized each individual knew how to go into their Soul and they just needed a safe place to do so.

Each person chose a different doorway to their Soul. Some used their heart and others used blocks, core wounds, abuse, traumatic memories, and past lives as a portal to their spirit. They understood that these painful experiences had shut their Souls down and ran their lives keeping them focused on the illusion of their third dimensional world. Once they healed these memories then they were able to reconnect with their Souls and take a magnificent journey into their future to see themselves fulfilling their Soul’s Destiny.

Many have taken this journey to fulfill their Soul’s purpose in this life. When you hear the call of your may change your life.

This session is designed to focus on taking you to your Soul, its energy field and its purpose in this life time.

Approximately 2 hours.

Medical Intuitive Reading

As a Medical Intuitive, I use a non-invasive technique to read your internal anatomy by sinking my energy hand inside your body. Then I follow my hand with my internal vision from my third eye. As my hand moves slowly over your organs, I see, feel and hear their functions on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. A general description is given of your internal anatomy with your questions and open dialog welcome.

Approximately 1 hour.

(Note: The purposes of these readings are scientific and they are meant to educate, not to treat or diagnose illness.)

"When I came to see you I was suffering from fibromyalgia. With your guidance I went into the source of my pain and accessed how I stored my history in my nerves. I knew what I needed to heal it and I have done that. Six months later my doctor says the symptoms are almost gone. I have my life back. Thank you with all my heart." N.G. Idaho

"You read me with X-ray vision and your accuracy and clarity was phenomenal. Thank you for helping me to uncover the core of my fatigue and understand how to heal it emotionally and spiritually. I am back working at my veterinarian practice but taking time to love myself." E. H. Florida

"You took me to the bottom of my depression and I connected to the source of its inception. I lifted it out and replaced it with love. It is truly healed. Thank you." J. K. Australia

"Last year I was trying to get pregnant and you saw the blockage in my right ovary and the inability of my eggs to be fertilized. I went to my doctor and she treated it right away. Now I am expecting a baby girl. This is a dream come true!" K.M. California

Energy Anatomy of the Chakras and Auric Field Scan

With my third eye, I watch the colors that come in your chakras and flow in your aura. I give you a full description of the colors in the chakras, which ones are open or closed and which vortexes within the chakras are taking in energy. Then I move into your aura surrounding your body and describe its colors and functions. A synopsis is given to you of how these colors inter-relate with your physical body and affect your health, emotions, thoughts and spirituality.

Approximately 1 hour.

Past Life and Future Life Therapy

The past and the future are your Souls memory. By taking you into your memory, be it through hypnotherapy, a body symptom or your soul’s light beam, your conscious awareness is transported into the unconscious to access a movie screen that plays out your experiences. When your journey is complete you are brought back with a deeper understanding of the effect of your past life or the ability you have to create your future.

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

"Six years ago I came to see you with a phantom pain in my left arm that radiated into my chest. Previous MRIs and Ultrasounds showed nothing. You guided me on an incredible journey into the pain, then into a past life on another planet where I rediscovered my real destiny in this lifetime. Now I am designing buildings with advanced technologies that clean up the air and use alternative energy. You changed my life and showed me the way.

PS. “The pain is gone." G Germany

Psychic Card Readings

In 1983 I was taught to read the regular playing card by a third generation gypsy. She taught me the ancient secrets hidden in the cards and how to decipher them while reading the layouts of the cards. Since then I have added palmistry, numerology, astrology, astro-cartography, intuition and your Soul's Light beam to read the past and the future.

I invite you to experience the accuracy of these intuitive card readings and unlock the secrets of your life’s purpose, relationships, money, future, business decisions and health.

Approximately 1 hour.

“Two years ago I called you for a phone psychic reading and then took your personal training program to become a healer. Now I excited to say I have just opened my healing salon in Tokyo. You changed my life and helped me to fulfill my dreams. Thank you with all my heart.” Mari in Japan

Transformation Session

These sessions are individually created to assist you in moving through any aspect of your life such as blocks, wounds or illness using healing and transforming techniques for those parts that no longer serve you. This process can be a profound spiritual healing experience on all levels. Sessions can include personal dialog, creative visualization and energetic, emotional, release techniques to open your heart more fully to experience your Divine Nature and your True Self.

Approximately 1-2 hours.

"Opening Doors of High Sense Perception"
Meet me in the Magical Red Rocks of Sedona for a Medical Intuitive Seminar!
October 9-12, 2020
10 am-12 & 3 to 5 pm
Location: Private home in Sedona Arizona

Connect with others in a safe environment to learn simple Medical Intuitive techniques to open your Soul's gifts to perceive your auras, chakras and anatomy with our Soul's Perception.
In 4 days, learn to see your anatomy, hear your inner voice, feel to the depths of your cells, taste the unknown, smell beyond the limits of reality and change your life from mundane to magical evolving into a Universal Light Being!
Join us to accelerate your Divine High Sense Perception.

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PO Box 413 Sedona Arizona 86339

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