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Personal Training Programs & Seminars 

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Hands on Personal Training Programs: $160 for 1 hour per person. (2 hour minimum) These trainings may be done in my home office or by phone. These trainings are available for groups upon request.

In my individually customized training programs we explore a series of special techniques to help you develop a heightened sense of intuition to fulfill your Soul’s destiny. With an open mind and a deep connection within your heart, together we practice going to that special place of knowing where your soul’s natural intuitive power is ever present and available for you to tap into and use at all times in your everyday experiences. Then you learn to develop your kinesthetic abilities by sinking your hands inside your body’s anatomy perceiving your organs and glands.  Slowly you discover how they are functioning on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. After you feel comfortable with your sensory abilities, we focus on your gift of perception to open your vision to see inside your body as well as your energy anatomy. The ability to hear with your auditory channels are developed next to become telepathic and you learn to combine your kinesthetic hands, soul’s eyes and ears together to feel, see and hear inside your body and it’s energy anatomy.

Open Third Eye: The true essence of our Soul’s purpose is vision. Every one has the ability to open their internal vision and perceive energy fields. We will locate our Soul’s eyes and open them. If something is blocking our vision them we will find out what that is and heal it. Then we will practice simple techniques to see with our Soul’s eyes inside our physical anatomy and energy fields. (1hr)

Open Auditory Channels: The voice of intuition pours into us as a form of instant knowing that comes straight from our Soul. It is the quiet voice that is always right. This voice flows from our subconscious into our consciousness. Together we will explore your way that your voice of wisdoms flows into your body and how this silent knowing guides your life. (1hr)

Energy Hand Awareness Activation: The energy in our hands is connected to our hearts which contains the wisdom to perceive other dimensions. In this program we will practice techniques to activate our energy hands and open up their clairsentient ability to feel and perceive the energy within our bodies. (1hr)

Physical and Energy Anatomy Readings: Once we have learned how to open up our energy hand then we learn to sink them inside our bodies and perceive the organs and glands. This opens up a whole new world and we trust the perceptions that come from our high sense perception. (2hrs)

Read Chakras & Auric Field: Within our bodies are powerful vortexes of energy called chakras. In this program we learn to develop and use our high sense perception to perceive and feel the chakras and their corresponding energy layers around our bodies. Then we learn how the chakras are connected to the auric layers of the field and their interactive influence in our lives. (2hrs)

Body Pendulum Divination: The energy of the earth and the polarity of our body are connected with a natural force of power and wisdom. We practice tapping into this enormous amount of energy using a variety of techniques that teach us how to access answers through our body from our higher selves. This allows us to tap into our inner wisdom that gives us answers to guide our lives. (1hr)

Past Life Regression: The past is our Soul’s memory. We use the heart as a doorway and use it to take us on a journey where we transport our conscious awareness through time. We access an understanding of what happened to us in the past and how it affects our lives now. Then we are able to move forward and free ourselves of the restrictions or influences of our past. (2hrs)

Shamanic Journey: In 1988 a shaman woman, gave me her person pipe and a medicine drum. Then, in ceremony, she took me deep into the earth and then instructed me in the Shamanic ways. Now I carry on the sacred tradition and guide you deep inside the earth to meet your Power Animal and Guide. Once you are there to receive your personal power and connect with a deeper source of guidance, these will help you navigate our way through life. (2hrs)

Transformational Sessions: Specific techniques are used to assist you in moving through any aspect of your life in healing and transforming those parts that no longer serve you. This is a journey deep into the emotions buried in your body. You access the cause of them and replace them with what you have always needed. You break free from the experienced of pain, depression, blocks, sadness, guilt, shame and blame. This allows your spirit to flow into your emotional, physical body and you are alive again. You feel the Essence of your Soul flowing into all aspects of your life. This can be a profound spiritual transformation that is experienced on all levels which opens our hearts to our divine nature and your true selves. (2hrs)

Psychic Card Reading: Many centuries ago the ancient hierophants hid all the sacred knowledge of divination in the regular playing cards. You will learn their secrets and how to understand the answers in the symbols on the face of the cards. You will lay out the cards in formats that tell the present, past and future. This will help you gain the knowledge to do readings for yourself and for others. (1hr-90min)

Dream Interpretation: The first step to interpret our dreams is to understand the importance of self symbolism. Together we dissect your dreams and interpret them with your own dictionary. Then we add up your interpretation to tell a story of what the dream is trying to convey to you. Some of us have re-occurring dreams that have a powerful message. Once you understand what it is telling you then it turns into a powerful form of guidance. (1hr)

Holographic Communication: In this program you practice communicating with beings that have ancient knowledge to share. The time space continuum you live in is transcended and communication with them is effortless. Wisdom pours from them to you offering guidance and clarity in your life. (1hr)

Healing Techniques: The energy in your body comes from the universal energy field and fuels your passion. It sustains, enriches and inspires your sense of purpose to fulfill a deeper longing within your heart. In this program you learn how to open up all your chakras and run energy from the universal energy field into your body and allow it to flow through your heart and out your hands. You become alive again with the powerful force of creation. Once this energy flows, you will practice using it to open up the life force of the healer within you and heal others. (3-4 hrs)

"Opening Doors of High Sense Perception"
Meet me in the Magical Red Rocks of Sedona for a Medical Intuitive Seminar!
October 12-14, 2018
10 am to 5 pm
Location: Private home in Sedona Arizona
(Class is currently full and you may sign in to have your name put on a waiting list.)

Connect with others in a safe environment to learn simple Medical Intuitive techniques to open your Soul's gifts to perceive your auras, chakras and anatomy with our Soul's Perception.
In 3 days, learn to see your anatomy, hear your inner voice, feel to the depths of your cells, taste the unknown, smell beyond the limits of reality and change your life from mundane to magical evolving into a Universal Light Being!
Join us to accelerate your Divine High Sense Perception.

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PO Box 413 Sedona Arizona 86339

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