The Pituitary Gland & Fatigue

Fatigue may simply be from starving glands or a diet that is lacking in nutrients. I have spent almost three decades researching the holy grail of energy and youth to discover the wisdom of the old farmers still holds true today…work hard out in the sunshine and feed the pituitary with healthy food.

In the farmer’s almanac, they write that the pituitary produces the youth hormone called HGH or Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is dumped into the blood stream to spread throughout the body feeding the other glands thus helping them produce their hormones which in turn creates energy and vitality.
The pituitary gland is the size of a pea and located at the base of the brain.  It is made up of two sections, an anterior lobe and posterior lobe. The anterior lobe produces and releases hormones into the blood stream to produce the Human Growth Hormone which maintain healthy bones, muscle mass and regulates the distribution of fat.
The pituitary gland may send a signal to the adrenal glands to stimulate or inhibit its own hormone production. For instance, if we are tired midafternoon or can’t sleep at night, it may be simply a miscommunication between the pituitary and the adrenals.
Energy levels are linked to the Thyroid and when the Thyroid does not receive enough of the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone from the pituitary, fatigue may be experienced at anytime throughout the day.
The pituitary also communicates with the testes and ovaries to ensure their normal function. Also, breast milk is stimulated by the hormone prolactin from the pituitary.
To keep the pituitary healthy, it is wise to get out in the sunshine and play to support the production of happy hormones and increase production of vitamin D which is absorbed through the skin. Orange vegetables such as pumpkin, carrots and sweet potatoes increase vitamin A which the pituitary loves. Most important of all, iodine from seaweeds increases the function of the thyroid athus in turn feeds the pituitary.

But for those that are approaching retirement and need to feel young again, I suggest looking back at the old farmers who ate brains, organ meats and bone soup. The reason they did this was to build their brains and endocrine/immune system and bones. Today, it is difficult to find brains so the secret to building the brains is to purchase organic, non-gmo, free range glandulars such as Natural Sources “Pituitary”:
Since taking the pituitary glandular may feed this gland and increase the Human Growth Hormone to make you feel young again, it is wise to consult your doctor to make sure it is safe for your body. 

Feeling good and being healthy is your birthright so when I can support you in doing so, just send me an email or give me a call to talk about your pituitary’s relationship with your body.

In support of your health, happiness and prosperity,
Wanda Zum-Mallen

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