$$$Big Corporations Buy Out Health Companies $$$

Holy Moses….hold the press….big corporations have bought out many health food companies and are continuing to do so. This came to my attention when Gaia discontinued products that I had used for years. When I wrote them inquiring what had happened, I received a long letter with many evasive words filled with tact and diplomacy but obviously not the truth.

This devious behavior is not limited to vitamins or herbs; it is rampant in the entire health industry. For instance, “Seeds of Change” is now owned by Mars Incorporated who makes the Mars Candy Bar; “New Chapter” is owned by Proctor and Gamble; “Burt’s Bees” is owned by Clorox; “Odwalla Juice”, “Honest Tea”, “Vitaminwater”, “Fruitwater”, and “Smart Water” are owned by Coca Cola; “Naked Juice” by Pepsi Cola; “Celestial Seasonings” & “Boco Foods” are owned by Kraft Foods which is owned by Phillip Morris (tobacco); “Celestial Seasonings Herbal Teas” is owned by Lipton; “Cascadian Farms” is owned by General Mills; “Kashi” is owned by Kellogg; and “Toms of Maine” is owned by Colgate-Palmolive. Atrium bought “Garden of Life” but the real mind blower is Amazon just bought out Whole Foods!

But the plot thickens and it gets worse. These monsters have gobbled up these smaller companies and now they are violating truth and integrity with labeling. A few years ago, I began to look at the back of the labels on products such as Garden of Life and New Chapter to discover their ingredient lists were illusive. They figured out how to put “organic” and “non-gmo” on the front of their labels while on the back of these bottles only a few ingredients, usually located on the bottom of the list fit the ‘organic & non-gmo’ classification. While the rest of the ingredients usually on the top of the lists are garbage.

I have worked in the health industry since the 1980s and watched many changes of ownership take place for three decades. I have seen the three lettered agencies try and shut down the supplement companies but that failed. Then big pharmaceutical companies started to buy out the larger supplement companies changing the integrity and purity of the ingredients.

It is refreshing to discover companies that do not let the insurance conglomerates, attorneys, big pharm and the bottom line control them as they endeavor to provide the purest supplements possible.

Here are a few of these supplement companies that still have “certified organic and non-gmo” in all there ingredients:

Pure Synergy “Wholefood VitaMin Multi”

NutriGold “Organic Whole-Food Vitamin C Gold

Nordic Naturals “Ultimate Omega Support for a Healthy Heart”

I am sure there are many more and these are just a few names with their links to get you started in providing your body with the cleanest supplements available.

In total support of your health and well-being,