Doorway To The Soul

It has been over twenty five years since I met my first client suffering from what is now known as Fibromyalgia. From then till today, the origin of this ailment appears to be from deep seated memories inside the cells that long to be uncovered and understood.
Little has been reported about this illness that has been known to cause deep tissue and nerve pain, difficulty sleeping, and trouble thinking clearly but brain scans in 2013 showed that the victims had gray matter loss and increased pain response. Then information surfaced from neuroscientists, Dr. Frank Rice, Dr. Phillip Albrecht and Dr. Quanzhi Hou, whom found concrete evidence this illness, may be linked to insufficient impulses from the sensory nerve endings caused by mismanaged blood flow from improper shunting between the arterioles and venules. This means the blood flows from the arteries straight into the veins starving the capillaries and creating muscular pain, aches and fatigue due to lactic acid and inflammation which also may cause hyperactivity in the brain.

While some supplements such as “Fibromyalgia Support Supplement” ( which which is manufactured in a FDA approved facility may help provide relief from the pain and suffering, it may be helpful to look into the core of the cause.

There may to be an even deeper energetic source of this malfunctioning blood flow within the body and it could be from traumatic events that took place in the person’s life. For instance, in 1992, I remember vividly helping a young woman gently slide onto my healing table in my office. Her face was scrunched up in pain and she moaned non-stop while sinking into the extra soft padding that I purposely placed under the lavender colored fitted sheets. With my gentle guidance, she embarked upon a journey into her pain to discover an unconscious memory around the innocent age of two. I won’t go into details, but it was horrifying and with each breath, her body unlocked years of torment until she was able to relax and scoop out the source of the trauma. Then she replaced it with a soft loving, healing golden light from her Soul which prevented the old energy from returning. Two hours after completing this inner psychic surgery, she sat up with no pain in her body and a big smile on her face.
As the years went by, I was amazed how many people came to me with mysterious body pain only to discover the source was from extreme shock, abuse or trauma that buried itself within their body’s memory. But what I saw in their energy fields baffled me. Most of them would shut down their chakra system and auric field to create an armor which sealed their bodies with a shield so strong it prevented the energy from flowing into their body from the Universal Energy Field. This protection also became an unconscious coping mechanism specifically designed to keep the individuals safe from the stress in their lives.
But the hurts and the armor turned out to be a catalyst as each individual merged into their pain to discover its unmet needs. With time and patience, their wounds and shields were replaced with love which became a doorway to their Soul. Once they reconnected with their Soul, the illness was understood as a physical experience to reconnect them to their Destiny. Their life force slowly returned to open their chakras and fill their auric field which released unrestricted blood flow to their entire body.
I offer my support to everyone in taking a moment with their pain to understand its link to the infinite source of wisdom within their body that comes from the Cosmos.
Rev. Wanda Zum-Mallen
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery
PO Box 413 Sedona, Arizona 86339

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