The Real Source of Hair Loss

Hair loss is not linked to a low thyroid or hormonal imbalance anymore!

In fact, research is showing that it may be related to a bacterium and fungus in the blood which internally weakening the hair roots. It is also being documented that repeated uses of chemicals in hair treatments destroy hair follicles.

I discovered this while scanning a client’s gall bladder which appeared to be swollen and clogged with black moldy balls surrounded by green slime. These black moldy balls reminded me of tiny white onions that had sat in the refrigerator to long and turned black with a fungus called aspergillus niger.  (Sorry to gross you out but this is truly what I saw.) My client’s doctor had suggested it was male pattern balding related to age but it only occurred on the right side of his head and the symptoms began after returning home from a delightful vacation in Cancun.

First, he noticed hair falling out on the right side while grooming his hair in the morning. This went on for a couple of months until he shaved his head to avoid comments from fellow workers about rats stealing his hair at night. Then the right side of his neck, shoulder and upper arm began to ache with a numbing pain which was not remedied by strong medications or chiropractic work. Next, the right lobe of the lungs slowly filled with liquid creating a cough and six months later he had asthma.

Energetically the right side of the body is associated to the outer world so I requested that we explore what was happening in his life that would weaken his body on the right side. I instructed him to place his hands on the areas where he felt the most physical trauma and close his eyes. In this discovery process, he realized the loss of his previous job and numerous toys such as a boat, quad and jeep were linked to him feeling emasculated. Then he was able to heal the memory by replacing an unhappy career and expensive toys with the simple love of nature. It was the tall trees, springs, wild animals and lying on the ground that made him feel alive. From then on he made the decision to get out into the wilderness to de-stress and take a break from the responsibilities of life.

After healing the core wound, he tackled the bacteria externally and internally with diet, herbs and other natural therapies.

First, I suggested with his doctor’s supervision that he eliminate sugar, dairy and gluten grains to begin an anti-candida diet. He bought Dr. Crook’s book, “The Yeast Connection” ( and started to change the foods he ate.

Then I recommended that he massage his scalp daily with Jojoba oil ( before each shower to clean and stimulate the hair follicles which would allow new growth.

The shampoo he was using was full of chemicals so he switched to a shampoo specific for hair loss. ( that which contained a blend of Argan oil, Aloe, White Willow, Burdock, Rosemary and Thyme designed specifically to stimulate hair follicles and revitalize hair growth while preventing damage and hair breakage.

In order to create an internal environment that stopped the spread of the bacteria, he needed to saturate his food with the bitter substance found in grape fruit seed extract ( ) so that the unhealthy bacteria, fungus, etc…would eventually leave his body.

After a few months of implementing these simple changes, he noticed that his lungs began to clear and he felt 100% better so he called me again to set up another appointment to follow through on a few more steps to regrow his hair and return his body back to perfect health.

Now he began the serious work of rebuilding his intestines with a pre-biotic, pro-biotic, soil micro-organism and fulvic/humic acids ( to encourage all the healthy bacteria to replace the bad bacteria inside gall bladder as well as his whole body.

In order to get the hair to shine, he need oils ( to prevent the hair from breaking and return the elasticity to the cells so he began to take a combination of Borage, Flax, Fish and Vitamin E oils at the beginning of all his protein meals.

Lastly, he needed to feed the hair follicles through an anti-candida diet yet he needed a food based hair vitamin ( that was loaded with nutrients such as biotin and horsetail that give the hair strength but it had to be easy to digest because he had a sensitive stomach. 

A year later, he sent me an email saying his hair had grown in evenly over his entire head thick and strong but most important it is very shiny and back to its original brown color which made him look ten years younger.

I was so happy to hear this and thanked him for letting me know!

As you know, it is a challenge to stay healthy today so when I can be of help to you, give me a call or send me an email. Feel free to pass this information on to all your friends that you think it may help.

In support of your health and happiness,

Reverend Wanda

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