Love Your Liver

The 3rd chakra feeds your liver and when the liver is healthy, the blood is able to circulate throughout the whole body supplying necessary nutrients to all the cells. In the years that I have practiced as a Medical Intuitive, I have seen many chronic illnesses that don’t heal or return after a period of time from a congested liver.  In many cases, this may be from unhealthy diets, stress hormones, emotions, thoughts, or environmental toxins.  The biggest culprit seems to be the fatty deposits in the liver which appear to contain parasites, bacteria, amoebas, chemicals, and other fungi that clog the liver and stop it from performing its 600 functions or filtering over 10,000 toxins, such as pesticides, fungicides, drugs, hormones, etc…

Some of the signs of a clogged liver are cold hands and feet, poor circulation, the tension in the neck & shoulders, skin diseases, reproductive problems, and constipation. Simply put, your liver is like the filter in your dryer, when the filter is full, the dryer doesn’t dry the clothes or it may stop working.

Now let me ask you if your liver has been filling up with toxins or stress hormones for your entire life and you have never cleaned it, where do all those toxins go?
The answers are twofold; first, those toxins fill up the liver/gall bladder and overflow into your lymph system. Your lymph system is your body’s last line of defense and it’s only a matter of time before your lymph glands swell up, your whole body feels sluggish or it may even smell toxic. Second, your kidneys filter out the acids that have been separated from the blood by the liver and if your toxins, stress levels, or hormones are high, they may overload the kidneys. But, what is really scary is the overflow of toxins may recirculate through the hepatic (liver) vein into the heart creating stress or hypertension which is known as high blood pressure.

The energetic health of your liver is reliant on the ‘Manipura’, solar plexus, 3rd chakra in the front of your body. If it is open and taking in energy from feelings of high self-esteem, confidence, and expressing your truth, the liver receives chi or prana to nourish it. But if this chakra is closed or drooping from guilt, allergies, fatigue, low self-esteem, frustration, worthlessness, or the inability to speak up for yourself; the health of the liver is compromised. 

Another interesting phenomenon I see are cords from this third chakra that either nourish or deplete the liver. These cords may happen from a casual conversation with a complete stranger at the grocery store or deep conversations with long-time friends.. There are healthy cords and unhealthy cords. The way to tell the difference is when you are talking with someone, you will either feel uplifted or drained. If the latter is the case, turn sideways and imagine pulling cords out of your third chakra/solar plexus area just like you unplug a cord from a vacuum cleaner. 

A simple way to clean the third chakra is first thinking healthy and humorous thoughts, next imagine the sunlight pouring in to your solar plexus area and breath in bright, yellow light. To open the third chakra point your finger towards your solar plexus area and imagine spinning a large yellow rose in a circular fashion-down on your right and up on your left. Relax and breathe deeply to invigorate this area.

Now that you know how to get the energy flowing into your third chakra, it may be helpful to physically clean the liver. A gentle way to clean the liver in the morning is to slice an organic lemon into thin pieces and munch on them before breakfast.  Lemon is acidic in the mouth and alkaline to the stomach, so if you have sensitive teeth, squeeze the juice in water and drink it with a biodegradable/re-useable bamboo straw. (
Chicory and dandelion are also beneficial for the liver and make a great coffee substitute when roasted. My favorite morning beverage is ‘Organic Dandelion Dark Roast’ by Teeccino (
In the spring and summer, I drink the ‘Organic Liver Detox Tea with Dandelion’ by Traditional Medicinal throughout the day when I detox my liver. (

According to Chinese Medicine, it is important to clean your liver in the spring or summer. Keep in mind, the toxic garbage from the liver flows into the rest of the body, so it is wise to clean the intestines, kidneys, and lymph system as well. For years, I have researched the specific herbs, amino acids, and vitamins that clean the fat, parasites, funguses, and chemicals out of the liver, kidneys, intestines, and lymph system. If you would like a copy of my research to clean the liver, request it with your next session.

In support of your health, happiness, and well-being,

Reverend Wanda

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