Arthritis And Cactus

Yesterday, I was standing in line at the local health food store and a sweet, white-haired lady about 70 told me to try this new cactus water. I looked at it with curiosity and took a sip. On my palette, it tasted like watered down grape juice with a pleasant mineral after taste.
Her eyes lit up and she informed me that she had been drinking one cup a day and all of her arthritic inflammation had disappeared. Being the curious researcher that I am, I picked up a bottle and took it home to investigate its ingredients and medicinal properties.
Come to find out, the Nopal Cactus has antiviral properties and is used for herpes, flu, HIV, overweight issues, IBS, Crohn’s disease, cholesterol, and skin problems. It provides a full range of amino acids, high in dietary fiber, pectin, and mucilage. It has been used to cure hangovers, reduce inflammation in the body, and repair bones. It may act as a mild laxative so it may be wise to ingest small amounts to see how your body responds to its healing properties.
The nutrition and vitamin content of the Nopal Cactus leaves include riboflavin, B-6, Copper, Iron, V-A, V-C, V-K, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and manganese. Its high fiber content adds bulk to bowel movements and stimulates peristalsis movement which reduces cholesterol but it is also known to reduce the hunger hormone. Some reports indicate it reduces Diabetes, even type 2 as it helps the pancreas to create insulin but they also issue a warning not to ingest before surgery.
The skin can benefit from a Cactus Face Mask by blending lemon with pureed Nopal leaves to remove blackheads, fade scars and eliminate brown spots.  The seeds from the Prickly PearCactus fruit are used to make a serum which is a new tool to reverse the signs of aging, brighten dark circles under the eyes and restore elasticity to the skin.
Cactus is no stranger to me and the pictures you see above and below are the thornless cactus grown on our family farm which I juice but I notice that it is very thick and slimy compared to the commercial version.  I also chop it up in salads, add it to casseroles or mix it with vegetable sauteés.
Mother Nature provides so many wild plants that provide everything we need to heal our bodies and keep them strong. You can get the Cactus water shipped to your home from a company called True Nopal:
So, I strongly advise everyone to throw out the coconut water and switch to something much healthier and loaded with a great source of potassium to hydrate the body.

I hope that all of this information will be useful in keeping you, your family and friends healthy.
Be well and prosper!
Reverend Wanda

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