How To Repair Nerve Damage & Dissolve Blood Clots

‘Don’t shoot the messenger’ is a popular saying today that applies to the transmission signals sent through our body’s amazing nervous system. When the nerves have been damaged, the arching of the neuro-transmitters short circuits, triggering pain, and activating our body’s alarm system.
My favorite solution for nerve repair is homeopathics. I recently damage the T-Band on my left leg while weeding and applied a homeopathic gel and took the Arnica, Hypericum, and Symphytum pellets internally to strengthen my body’s ability to rebuild nerves, eliminate bruising, and repair tissue damage quickly
But, when I sank my ‘invisible’ hands into the damaged area, it appeared the skin or myelin sheath of the nerves had been shredded, so I took a combination of Black Current Seed Oil, Sunflower Vit E Oil, Flax Oil, and Cod Liver Oil with all my protein meals to rebuild.
At this juncture, I would like to point out that all the above oils are amazing for dissolving blood clots. Of course, the source of the clots are cholesterols, and a diet change may be important for that be remedied. There is also a delicious food from Japan called Natto which is a tiny, fermented bean that contains an enzyme called Nattokinase which disintegrates the fibrous, web-like fibrin, thereby dissolving blood clots and preventing new lumps from being formed.
It is amazing how a tiny bean has the ability to keep the arteries clear, but circulation is also important for both the blood flow and the health of the nerves, so I encourage you to keep the body moving, stretching, and increase oxygen flow by taking long deep breaths as often as possible. As you exhale, let go of stress and release the trauma.
The nerves may benefit from increased blood flow and oxygen, but they also love minerals. At bedtime, I enjoy taking a blend of minerals and trace minerals to keep the nerves strong and healthy. Sometimes, I will add the herbs: valerian, hops, catnip, horsetail, and passionflower to soothe and calm away the stresses of the day.
Lastly, I have found a B Vitamin Complex taken daily with meals builds the nerves and supports them in handling the incredible stress prevalent today.
Don’t forget, there is nothing like a good belly laugh while doing what makes us happy to activate the endorphins.

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