Wake Up Your Intuition!

We are moving into a world that is shifting from the 3-D restricted modality to the 4-D infinite reality where miracles occur daily. My dream of creating online courses to support this birth and transition has just started. Last month, I was so humbled, yet excited to upload and offer my first course ‘Soul’s Intuition’. It has been a delight to hear the curiosity of those that have inquired how course works and what it offers.
For those that have registered for the ‘Soul’s Intuition’ (https://reverendwanda.com/training/) course, I wish to thank you for trusting me to walk with you through opening up all the sensing abilities of your Soul’s Energy Hands, Hand’s Eyes on the fingertips and pads of the hands, your Soul’s Energy Eyes inside your physical eyes, your Soul’s Energy Ears inside your physical ears, your Soul’s Energy Nose inside your physical nose, your Soul’s Energy Tongue inside your physical tongue, and your Soul’s Energy Head & Body inside your physical head and body.
I also have learned quite a bit with the creation of the private FB page to share my personal stories while encouraging students to share their journey. I also look forward to reading everyone’s experiences they go through the course.
But many of you that have asked me if this course would be good to help you develop your intuition, I suggest watching the video and feel when it is right for you. Timing is especially important but taking quality time to practice developing your intuition in a safe environment is paramount to developing a deep sense of inner communication where you become the master of your body’s reality. I look forward to seeing you when the time is right.
If you feel this information has been beneficial, please feel free to share it with your friends.
May the Intuitive Force of Creation be strong in you!
Reverend Wanda