Cytokine Storm Syndrome

CSS or Cytokine Storm Syndrome sounds like the name of a science fiction movie but in reality, it is a global epidemic that causes many mysterious illnesses from numerous sources.
For instance, mold toxicity can create Cytokine Storms which trigger many other conditions that often go misdiagnosed and untreated. Exposure can cause fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, allergies, fever, headache, joint pain, memory problems, dizziness, sinus infections, wheezing, trouble concentrating, sensitivity to light, skin rash, tissue damage, sepsis, and digestive problems. The toxins from mold can suppress or damage the immune system which makes us vulnerable to other illnesses.
It may seem like a clever idea to make your immune system as strong as possible, but the immune system can overreact and end up harming the body by creating cytokine storms, so it is best to focus on reducing inflammation.
Cytokines are proteins that our immune system cells secrete. When cytokine proteins work normally, they help the immune system function perfectly. But sometimes, the immune system can overreact and release too many cytokines into the blood all at once and that can have severe effects on the health and wellbeing of our body. This intense inflammatory response can lead to organ damage or multiple organ failure.
But there are many ways to prevent and reverse cytokine storms. The first solution is to pay attention to what goes into our mouths. As many of you know, I do enjoy the book, ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’ by Dr. D’Adamo ( which gives us foods that are medicinal for our blood. When we eat foods that are Non-GMO, Certified Organic, and compatible with our blood type, our cells become healthy and strong.
In addition, anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, thyme, oregano, lemon grass, rosemary, and sage can help to prevent inflammation and reduce cytokines in our blood.
The second solution is to reduce inflammation with nutrients that balance the immune system. Immune modulatory treatments are being developed but, in the meantime, we can ingest modified citrus pectin. My favorite form of citrus pectin is EcoNugenics ‘Pectaclear’ ( which binds the specific protein, Galectin 3, preventing cytokines from going out of control. It also can control fibrosis of the liver and kidneys, preventing them from being damaged. This specially formulated pectin can bind all toxins and block them from being re-absorbed in the large intestines. Many people don’t realize when we detox the body, many of those toxins get absorbed through the large intestinal walls making our detox counterproductive.
Our intestines are a major contributor to keeping inflammation in check and our immune system healthy. Dr. Zac Bush ( has brought our attention to glyphosates which were created in 1959. They are a major contributor in destroying the healthy bacteria in our bodies and on our planet. This in turn may eliminate all life on this planet and it must be banned.
When we ingest pre/pro-biotics and soil micro-organisms daily, they help us heal the damage done by glyphosates to keep our intestines, lungs, immune systems, and brains healthy. These essential healthy bacteria’s also reverse inflammation in the entire body but they also help normalize bowel movements, reduce gas, bloating, indigestion, and nausea.

Certain soil micro-organisms break down otherwise non-digestible proteins, fibers, and carbohydrates. They also break down toxic chemicals while enhancing the intestines’ ability to absorb nutrients to keep the immune function and digestion strong while preventing inflammation. My favorite is ‘Prescript Assist Lite’ ( which contains the gentlest form of healthy bacteria’s and soil micro-organisms thus relieving suffering in many people’s intestines and eliminating cytokine storms.

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