How To Replenish The Good Bacteria On Earth!

A team of researchers found 1,000 species of new bacteria in snow and ice samples collected from melting Tibetan glaciers. It is reported that these ‘zombie’ bacteria have spread all over the globe destroying the beneficial bacteria on this planet. In addition, this water which is loaded with harmful bacteria has been saturated with chemicals and toxins that destroy our gut health, reduce our energy levels, deteriorate our intestines leading to decreased brain function and increased autoimmune disorders.
Our earth has reached total saturation, but there are solutions. To start, we can replenish the beneficial bacteria in the soil with ‘EM-1’ ( which was discovered and developed by Professor Dr. Teruo Higa. At the age of thirty, he became ill from exposure to chemicals, so he decided to find a natural method using beneficial micro-organisms that would relieve the farmers of their chemical dependencies.
Years of experimentation led to a surprising discovery. He had mixed a combination of microbes and threw them on the grass. A few months later, he noticed the area of the lawn was much greener and healthier than the rest of the lawn. This discovery led Dr. Teruo Higa to create one of the best formulas for replenishing healthy bacteria in the soil called ‘EM-1’.

When I have used ‘EM-1’ on my lawns, shrubs, roses, irises, black berry bushes, trees, and gardens over the years, I have found the plants are much healthier and less susceptible to diseases. It is also reported that ‘EM-1’ protects the plants and trees from radiation too. Last week, I mixed 1 tsp of ‘EM-1’ into a gallon of water and applied it to my vegetable garden. Then I continued to feed the rest of my plants and trees this healthy bacteria. Today, I picked a huge bunch of Swiss Chard out of my tiny garden and cooked it up for breakfast. I noticed the chard was exceptionally soft, full of flavor, and it did not have a stringent after taste so commonly found in store bought Swiss Chard.
‘EM-1’ can give our plants these magical micro-organisms to replenish the healthy bacteria in our gardens, but there is a way that we can safely ingest micro-organisms to help rebuild our intestinal walls while sluffing off the unhealthy toxins, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. My personal favorite is Safer Medical MT ‘Prescript Assist’ ( which contains twenty-eight strains of beneficial microbiota known to represent the actual diversity of the gastrointestinal tract.
Another great formula that contains healthy micro-organisms is Garden of Life ‘Primal Defense Ultra’ ( which can be picked up at most health food stores. I find this one is a little strong, so it is best taken after dinner in the evening.
These pharmaceutical grade soil micro-organisms help to relieve abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, and nausea. They also help to normalize chronic conditions of depression, fatigue, malaise, and numerous diseases. When taken over a period of time, the walls of the intestines get healthy positively affecting absorption of food, increasing oxygen supply to the lungs, reversing allergies, clearing brain fog, and strengthening the immune system so we never get sick.
When everyone takes an active role in replenishing the beneficial bacteria in our bodies and in our soil, we will see the world become the paradise it once was, and everyone becomes healthy again.
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In support of everyone’s gardens and bodies staying healthy, happy, and strong!
Reverend Wanda
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